Laying the Foundation of Poker


When a player wins a hand in Poker, he is referred to as the “nuts.” This is the best hand that a player can have at a given time. It consists of all five cards of different suits, and can be a pair of kings or a flush. The other players in the game are known as the “players” and are not entitled to the pot unless they have the same two-card combination.

Before playing the game of Poker, a person must first lay the foundation or the frame of the game. This is important because he needs to know where to start playing the game. A poker table should have all the essentials. The table must be set up properly to play the game. When there are seven or more players, poker chips should be provided. In general, a white chip is worth one single-digit number and is worth five times its face value. Then, each player “buys in” (pays in chips) for the amount they wish to spend on the game.

Players may be required to put a contribution into the pot before the game begins. This is called the ante. A player can bet as much as he or she wishes. When the board is filled with bets, the pot is collected and the winnings from each round are accumulated in the central pot. Hence, the players have to make sure that they lay down the foundation or the building frame of poker before they begin betting.