How to Make the Most of the Slot in Hockey


The slot is a key part of a hockey team’s play. It represents the area where the most scoring opportunities exist without deflection. A small winger playing in the slot is often well-placed to receive big hits from defenders, which increases his chance of scoring goals. As more teams learn to use advanced stats to their advantage, the slot will become an even more important part of a player’s game. Below are some important tips for making the most of the slot in hockey.

The word “slot” is a late 14c. French word that means “hollow at the base of the throat, just above the breastbone.” It is a compound of esclot and slod, which were both of uncertain origin. In modern usage, the word has many meanings, including the job title and assignment. In a newspaper, a slot can be a copy desk interior. It can also be a position at a gazette. An airport slot is authorized by the air-traffic authority.

A slot is also a term for a small hole, a small opening or a narrow depression. In a monetary context, a slot is a place for a piece to slide in or out. The word “slot” is also a synonym for “deer track.” The bloodhound, in tracking a wounded deer, follows a hole or slot. These are all examples of a slot. This is why they are such important parts of a casino.